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Sport and Web live TV

Did you know that it is possible to create a web live TV to broadcast your content live? A unique opportunity to share your videos with the internet audience, at any time and on any device.

WimTV is a platform that already hosts numerous TV channels dedicated to the most varied themes: education, entertainment, fitness, journalism, current affairs, religion, sports.

The latter represents one of the platform’s leading application sectors.

Sport events attract the interest of thousands of people every day. During the last Olympic Games the athletes competed in 37 different disciplines, five more than in the previous edition. These already seem like big numbers, however it is estimated that more than 8,000 sports are practiced all over the world, not counting the variations of each!

A web live TV allows you to share online matches, competitions, sports events and meetings of any competitive or amateur discipline.

As is the case with Media Sport Channel which broadcasts national and international sport events also in live streaming. Or of FidsChannel, the web TV of FIDS (Italian Federation of Sports Dance) which from 9 to 25 July broadcasted the Italian championships from Rimini.

With WimTV you can broadcast sport events in live streaming for free or for a fee, through pay per view.

It is possible to create one or more channels and broadcast more than one event at the same time. The quality of the video can be customised, taking into account that a higher quality implies a higher bandwidth consumption.

If you are interested in creating a new live TV web to share your videos online, register on WimTV! The procedure is very simple and allows you to immediately start uploading and publishing or broadcasting your content in live streaming.

Do you have questions and would like to receive more information? Contact us, otherwise register now and activate a fifteen-day free trial!

Eventi in diretta streaming: crea una web TV con WimTV | WimTV

Theater, 2021 and live streaming events

The health emergency and the consequent quarantine forced us to give up live participation to concerts, seminars and shows. However, thanks to live streaming, we had been able to continue to attend these cultural events from the comfort of our living room.

In particular, in the world of theatre, many realities have managed to reach their audiences by resorting to direct streaming. In this way they were able to discover a whole series of new possibilities. Theatre companies from all over the world have in fact decided to continue to live stream their shows, also after the end of the pandemic and the resumption of live performances.

What is the purpose? To continue to enjoy the indisputable advantages of digital communication. In fact, live streaming allows those who cannot participate to traditional staging to watch the shows remotely. A simple and practical way to reach a wider audience and bring the theatre closer to a higher number of people.

With WimTV you can create a online television channel and expand your audience. If you work in the field of entertainment or culture, you can reach your audience anywhere, broadcast your events in live streaming, publish videos andr create schedules.

Thanks to WimTV, you can make your content accessible on demand or free or pay. Just like Fantateatro does, with their most iconic theatrical performances.

Are you a theatre company? Register now and start uploading, managing and publishing your videos. Discover the WimVod, WimLive, WimCast and WimBundle services: you will have many innovative features available to launch your web TV and share your plays and shows.

Do you want to live stream your events with WimTV but you don’t know how? Contact us for more information.

Web tv per tutti i gusti con WimTV: i nostri canali | Wim.TV

Who has already chosen WimTV? Five unmissable web TVs

By now, many have decided to open a web TV with WimTV.

The choice is vast: there are those involved in music, some in theater, some in information or sports.

For lovers of good music and healthy comedy, how can we not mention the timeless Renzo Arbore? Born in 1937, a very long career in music, theater, orchestras and unforgettable hits (do you remember Cacao Meravigliao?). At the moment the great artist continues to enchant, amuse and amaze his audience on his WimTV channel: the Renzo Arbore Channel. Many videos, unpublished or from repertoire. Duets, jokes, puns and lots of music.

Talking about music, what do you think of Sound Italia? This radio has also opened a web tv with WimTV. Interviews with Italian musicians and singers of all kinds and insights into the history of music without interruption.

Do you like theater? The Bologna children’s theater company FantaTeatro has chosen WimTV, to reach with its shows even small followers far away from the Bolognese audiences. Christmas shows for adults and children, the Betrothed in a theatrical version, Pinocchio … In short, an excellent idea to make the spectators of tomorrow passionate about the theater.

Do you prefer motors and sports? Then World’s Motors and Media Sport Channel are for you. On World’s Motor you will have a schedule entirely dedicated to car and motorcycle competitions, while on Media Sport Channel you will find the most diverse sports competitions in a single web TV.

In short, WimTV services meet the most diverse needs and allow you to create the right online TV for you.

Thanks to the WimCast service, Wim.Tv gives its users the possibility to create schedules. In other words, it allows you to create a real “television on the web”. An excellent example of this Wim.TV feature is the Mediasport Channel schedule: many programs divided by day and time, like on a real TV channel.

WimTV services, however, do not end there: do you want to create free or paid live events? Do you want to monetize your videos?

Discover all the features of WimTV for your web tv and start broadcasting!


Fashion shows 2021: even fashion chooses live streaming events

We are not yet halfway through 2021 and we can already consider it the year of live streaming events. For obvious reasons, in fact, many events have had to resort to this tool to reach their audience. The sectors involved are many: e.g., sport, live entertainment, even politics.

This transformation has also affected the Italian fashion sector, starting with the Fall / Winter Edition of Milan Fashion Week. The appointments streamed on the platform of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, in fact, far exceeded those held in presence.

Alberta Ferretti, MaxMara, Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Prada: these are just some of the fashion houses that have presented their collections usingonline fashion shows. Overall, during the Fall / Winter Edition of Milan Fashion Week, there were about sixty live streaming or digital events, compared to just a dozen events in attendance.

This rethinking of the most important events in the fashion sector through online streaming has been the common denominator of all the biggest events in this sector in the world. Not only Milan,  but also Paris, London, New York.

Even individual fashion houses have decided to tackle social distancing by organizing live streaming fashion shows. In January, Dior presented its autumn / winter men’s collection with a live show and in April Michael Kors chose this mode to celebrate the 40 years since its foundation with a fashion show.

In short, live streaming events take hold in every sector, becoming an essential tool in this period of social distancing. But we are sure that, even when this crisis will be over, there will be a need for live online shows or live events in all fields where this phenomenon has already begun, including fashion.

In fact, thanks to the live shows, the stylists were able to reach all layers of the public, all over the world, at the same time: an unimaginable possibility with traditional tools.

For fashion houses that intend to invest in live streaming for the presentation of their collections, WimTV is the right solution. Thanks to its dedicated service, in fact, it allows you to open a series of channels in which to broadcast one or more ads-free live events.

Furthermore, Wim.Tv also gives the possibility to create paid live streaming events: the viewer, to access the video, will have to pay the price of the ticket. In this way, the proceeds will be greater, also thanks to the wider range of audiences that can be reached.

The WimTV proposals, however, do not end here:

  • The user can choose the quality with which to stream their videos
  • It is possible to create a private streaming event, visible only through the embed code (iframe)
  • It is possible to shoot and broadcast via mobile devices, thanks to free programs such as OBS, VMix and others.

In short, WimTV responds to the most diverse needs regarding live streaming events. Are you a stylist and would you like to present your collections in live streaming as the greatest in this sector? Visit the site and discover all our services.

Condividere video online: le restrizioni contro il Covid-19 ci spingono a pensare oltre

Stream video online: Covid-19 restrictions push us to think further

For sure we have not sought or wanted the pandemic, an affliction for a year now. This, however, is not a good reason to settle down and wait for better times. That’s why streaming videos online is a great way to change our business during these times of restrictions.

WimTV is not the panacea, but its services can do a lot for many businesses, not only to offset the current restrictions, but also to prepare us for the return to normality.

Let’s see two of them.

Theatrical and musical performances

Are theaters closed? Are there no shows because there is nobody attending? It is clear that an auditorium offers a great a experience of collective participation, but online streaming allows passionates to be able to attend shows. Indeed, live streaming is an opportunity to participate, for example for those who would not have been able to participate for various reasons. With WimTV subscriptions you can also put together series of shows and offer them as a subscription at a price and duration set by you.

We all hope that the pandemic ends soon and that we will be able to return to the same life as before, but live streaming of shows is an opportunity to reach people who did not participate before because they did not know or could not attend. By the time the pandemic ends, these people will have gotten used to the new form of consumption and will stay after. So, here’s how you can even benefit from the pandemic in the future.

Gyms and courses

Going to the gym or to Yoga classes is also a time to dedicate yourself to your physical and mental well-being. Not being able to do it is certainly a big loss. So why not offer similar benefits to going to the gym or taking a course by offering your skills to your customers? Just as you are suffering from the constrictions of your business, so your customers complain about the inability to access your services. Here is another case where online streaming of video lessons or courses allows all participants to follow the example of the teacher or instructor and keep fit while staying at home.

Those who have been able to take advantage of these forced closing times will not lose customers, indeed they will be able to engage new ones.

All this is possible with WimTV, from now on, with minimal investments and very low operating costs.

Would you like to try streaming online videos related to your business? Join WimTV for free for 15 days and experience the possibilities offered!


WimTV and Covid-19

Apparently WimTV and Covid-19 have nothing in common, but this is not the case. I want to tell you how and why they are connected.

Covid-19 is the cause of the great pandemic that has impacted and continues to impact the lives of billions of people, sometimes preventing us from working or placing significant constraints on our work.

Some say that Covid-19 is also due to our too awkward presence on a planet – Earth – which is becoming too small for the number and activities of the humans who inhabit it.

Covid-19 led us to discover what should have been clear even without Covid-19: technology, the benefits of which we have so far exploited in a fairly superficial way, allows us to do things that reduce human impact on the environment. and lead us to a different, sometimes even better working life.

WimTV is a demonstration of what I am saying. Our customers are doing a lot more, more interesting and “innovative” things than they did 12 months ago.

The pandemic will end, hopefully soon, but the ability to use technology to review the way we do the things the pandemic has begun to teach us dearly will remain. Let’s start today.


Streaming anywhere

WimTV was conceived, built and managed as a tool for those who want to reach their target with stable (video) or transient (events) content.

But how to define a target? A simple definition that continues to applicable is a natural person with an address that makes him or her reachable on the internet. While remaining important, this definition is now quite reductive. A target can also be those who visit a Facebook page, watch content on TiVo or Apple TV, or watch video content on digital terrestrial or satellite television.

Actually, these latter targets are becoming more and more “attractive”.

WimTV could not fail to be interested in these targets. Today WimTV offers its subscribers who use from a Business package up the ability to send their live events on facebook, TiVo, digital terrestrial and satellite television and on practically all digitsl platforms in use.

This is another demonstration of the attention that WimTV pays to those who intend to bring their video business to our platform

WimTV ed il suo modello di business

An alternative business model for your web tv

Today there are many platforms that offer video and web tv services. WimTV has its own innovative business model that sets it apart from that of other platforms with similar services. 

The user who signs up is asked for the minimum amount of information: Name and Surname, Date of Birth (to verify the age of majority), Username on the platform and email address. With this information alone, the registered user can upload and publish videos, create and broadcast live events, and video streaming schedules

However, it cannot publish paid video on demand, create paid live events or create subscriptions. For this it is necessary to add other personal data, that is all the data that allows WimTV to issue an invoice to the registered user who, at this point, it is more appropriate to call “customer”.

WimTV offers users and customers a very clear business relationship:

  1. The user is authorised to use all WimTV services, starting from the creation of a native web TV of WimTV
  2. The platform is used against payment for its consumption, measured in Gbyte of video storage and in Gybte of video streaming
  3. The rights of WimTV users/customers to video streaming increase in proportion to bandwidth/storage consumption. For example, it is possible to video stream on external platforms such as TiVo or on digital terrestrial/satellite only starting from a Professional subscription.
  4. WimTV does not claim rights on the content of users/customers and does not manipulate their content, for example by adding advertising on their online tv.
  5. WimTV leaves its customers 70% net of payments made by users of WimTV customers’ content.

WimTV offers a video management and video streaming distribution technology platform on which WimTV customers can develop their web tv, and assemble and manage their business in complete freedom, with a clare regulation the users and customers can rely on.