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The Cube: a record breaking news of live streaming events

Posted: 25 November 2021

These days, among WimTV’s live streaming events, all attention is focused on The Cube. This is the extreme challenge of the illusionist Christian Carapezza, who seems to be very determined to break the world record and enter the Guinness World Record with this incredible performance.

Some information on the performance:

  • Christian is closed in a transparent glass cube measuring two meters by two, without food;
  • the cube is suspended in the air and is located right in front of the entrance to the Conca D’Oro shopping center in Palermo;
  • No one can physically interact with the illusionist, but you can communicate with him by writing him directly in chat on his social profiles;
  • You can follow the event in live streaming. Inside the case, in fact, there is a webcam active 24 hours a day.

It is not the first time that the illusionist attempts this very difficult challenge. The first experiment was carried out last year but, due to the outbreak of the pandemic, Christian had had to stop.

WimTV is the number one platform for live streaming events

From 6pm on Saturday 30 October 2021, Christian is locked inside the glass cube to test all his physical and mental endurance again. The challenge is increasingly attracting the eyes of people passing there. Online views on WimTV, the only platform that is broadcasting this unique live event, are also increasing every day.

Why watch Christian Carapezza live

Christian Carapezza is the author and protagonist of international shows. We mention, among many others, the Danger Show, a fusion of techniques of illusionism, fakirism, escapology and mentalism.

By now everyone is cheering for him: in Palermo they talk about nothing else. Friends, artists and acquaintances from all over Italy come to support him in his challenge. What are you waiting for to do the same?

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