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GetWim – a new tool to get more from WimTV

Creating and keeping your Web TV updated has never been easier now that WimTV is equipped with the new GetWim

Who has already chosen WimTV? Five unmissable web TVs

By now, many have decided to open a web TV with WimTV. The choice is vast: there are those involved

Fashion shows 2021: even fashion chooses live streaming events

We are not yet halfway through 2021 and we can already consider it the year of live streaming events. For

Stream video online: Covid-19 restrictions push us to think further

For sure we have not sought or wanted the pandemic, an affliction for a year now. This, however, is not

WimTV and Covid-19

Apparently WimTV and Covid-19 have nothing in common, but this is not the case. I want to tell you how

Streaming anywhere

WimTV was conceived, built and managed as a tool for those who want to reach their target with stable (video)

An alternative business model for your web tv

Today there are many platforms that offer video and web tv services. WimTV has its own innovative business model that