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What is the idea that guided you in creating your WebTV channel?

We were guided by the passion for generalist entertainment aimed at families and young people. We have divided our contents into various sections: W1 is our main channel where the most important and most popular programs are broadcast. W2 is the cultural, ecological and environmentalist channel that represents excellence in the medical scientific field. W3 is the pink channel dedicated to women’s features and social services for minorities and the elderly. MEDIA4 is the local channel that reproduces the programming of the Mediatre net of the central south. MODA5 is the fashion and costume channel. MUSIC6 is the channel of music videos and rankings. YOUNG7 dedicated to children.

What kind of content do you transmit and for what audience?

Generalist content targeted to a wide audience of various age groups.

What was WimTV’s role in your project?

WimTV is a key partner for the development of our project. An easy-to-use platform that allows you to organize your video content in a few simple steps.

What is the assessment on the assistance you received from our team?

Assistance was always on time and all members of the WimTV team proved to be professional and competent.