Video workshops of the Infant, Primary, and Secondary School of Grade I.

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What is the idea that guided you in creating your WebTV channel?

The desire to convey an idea of ​​school that is perceived not just as a place of education but above all as a creative laboratory, stimulating the development of digital skills.

What kind of content do you transmit and for what audience?

Cinematographic, historical and intercultural projects with a mainly laboratory-based didactic approach.

What was WimTV’s role in your project?

WimTV has enabled the creation of an archive aimed at collecting and disseminating multimedia products made during these school years by the students of the Muratori, Rosselli and Fontana Institutes.

What is the assessment on the assistance you received from our team?

Very positive, we collaborated with the WimTV team both for the creation of the website and for the integration of the WebTV area.