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What is the idea that guided you in creating your WebTV channel?

We do TV radio and information of 1983 and we decided to bring our content on the Web to expand our audience and stay in line with a rapidly changing world. WimTV immediately seemed to be a great service and we are also a Piedmontese company so the choice was an excellent combination of quality and territory.

What kind of content do you transmit and for what audience?

Ours is a product that has always been single theme, dedicated to the world of engines and in particular to motorsports both local and international.

What was WimTV’s role in your project?

A very important role because it allowed us to publish our content directly on our website and therefore to increase the number of views and accesses.

What is the assessment on the assistance you received from our team?

Feedback on assistance is absolutely positive. We had a problem a few weeks ago solved quickly by the technicians despite being on a public holiday. Thanks for everything and I hope, time available allowing, to get a direct knowledge of your structure and team., tempo a disposizione permettendo, di fare una conoscenza diretta della vostra struttura e del team