Current issues, interpreted in the light of faith and Christian morality

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What is the idea that guided you in creating your WebTV channel?

Having been a teacher in public schools and seeing the many negative messages that today’s audiovisual media spread, I felt the need to offer a new model of television, with the use of new information technologies, which would allow us to offer real content educational and promoted for this purpose the religious values ​​of the Christian faith.

What kind of content do you transmit and for what audience?

I have taken as a motto a phrase of Saint Paul: to transmit, that is, with my WebTV, ‘all that is true, noble, just, pure, lovable, honored, what is virtue and deserves praise’ (Phil.4, 8). Therefore, topical issues are dealt with, interpreted in the light of faith and Christian morality, to help the spiritual formation of users, with particular attention to children and young people and their search for truth. For this purpose, recreational and educational videos are also broadcast, including cartoons for children, suitable for the new so-called ‘digital’ generations.

What was WimTV’s role in your project?

It was very important, because WimTv has a very functional technological platform, making it possible to carry out my WebTV projects which can now be connected from all over the world via the Internet.

What is the assessment on the assistance you received from our team?

The assessment is absolutely excellent, the best ‘group’ of which I was able to take advantage of various opportunities also offered by other platforms on the Internet. In particular, assistance is personalized, even by direct telephone use, with a reassuring human relationship, so that any technical problem that arises is solved quickly and professionally.