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What is the idea that guided you in creating your WebTV channel?

The creation of a WebTv, for us of ‘Icons’, represented the opportunity to put online excellent content in the field of iconography, otherwise accessible only through on-site courses, where the registration costs must also be added to those relating to food and lodging. Furthermore, an online course with a subscription is always available, whenever you wish during the year, and not just once as in classroom courses.

What kind of content do you transmit and for what audience?

We offer on-line courses in the field of iconography, basic or specialized, held by internationally recognized iconographic masters. The courses are characterized by an almost real time trend, as if the master iconographer followed the pupil on the spot.

What was WimTV’s role in your project?

WimTv has provided us with an excellent technological base to carry out our project.

What is the assessment on the assistance you received from our team?

The assessment is absolutely positive, in particular the assistance through telephone contact allows to have a direct relationship with a professional in the sector.