GetWim – a new tool to get more from WimTV

Creating and keeping your Web TV updated has never been easier now that WimTV is equipped with the new GetWim tool.

GetWim responds to the requests for flexibility, modularity and replicability of web designers, web developers and web agencies, video content solutions GetWim, considered the “Bootstrap of Web TV”, is able to provide these features to create ad hoc solutions.

With a click on the native WimTV dashboard you can manage any content published on WimTV. The content will be automatically sent to the personalized pages of the Web TV.

From a technical point of view, GetWim is a modular toolkit composed of a set of reusable, customizable and possibly expandable tags and properties, designed to design the graphical interface with a declarative approach based on AngularJS.

GetWin consists of high-level elements called components that allow you to quickly design a Web TV interface. GetWim includes a number of components, including video player, icons and panels.

The layout is based on the CSS Flexbox and Bootstrap framework. Bootstrap includes a first grid system that conveniently adapts up to 12 columns as the size of the device or window increases. It includes predefined classes for simple layout options, as well as powerful mixins for generating multiple semantic layouts. Read the Bootstrap Grid System explanation.

To know how to use the components, take a look at the Vod list,  Live listCast list and Video player components list.

WimTV offers various templates.

GetWim uses the WimTV API, the video platform that allows the management and publication of various types of video content: video on demand, live events, subscriptions and monetization support.