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An alternative business model for your web tv

Posted: 15 December 2020

Today there are many platforms that offer video and web tv services. WimTV has its own innovative business model that sets it apart from that of other platforms with similar services. 

The user who signs up is asked for the minimum amount of information: Name and Surname, Date of Birth (to verify the age of majority), Username on the platform and email address. With this information alone, the registered user can upload and publish videos, create and broadcast live events, and video streaming schedules

However, it cannot publish paid video on demand, create paid live events or create subscriptions. For this it is necessary to add other personal data, that is all the data that allows WimTV to issue an invoice to the registered user who, at this point, it is more appropriate to call “customer”.

WimTV offers users and customers a very clear business relationship:

  1. The user is authorised to use all WimTV services, starting from the creation of a native web TV of WimTV
  2. The platform is used against payment for its consumption, measured in Gbyte of video storage and in Gybte of video streaming
  3. The rights of WimTV users/customers to video streaming increase in proportion to bandwidth/storage consumption. For example, it is possible to video stream on external platforms such as TiVo or on digital terrestrial/satellite only starting from a Professional subscription.
  4. WimTV does not claim rights on the content of users/customers and does not manipulate their content, for example by adding advertising on their online tv.
  5. WimTV leaves its customers 70% net of payments made by users of WimTV customers’ content.

WimTV offers a video management and video streaming distribution technology platform on which WimTV customers can develop their web tv, and assemble and manage their business in complete freedom, with a clare regulation the users and customers can rely on.



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