How can I monetise my content?

WimTV treats its customers’ content with extreme care and offers them various opportunities to monetize it.
The first step is to make the ownership of rights clear. Whenever you upload a content item and create a live event, WimTV asks you to declare that you have the rights to publish the video or the event on WimTV.
Individual videos and events can be monetized in a very simple way: those who want to use them pay the amount set by you with Paypal (or credit card). 70% net of the amount paid goes to you, while WimTV bears the PayPal commission costs.
WimTV, however, also offers the possibility of monetising the videos chosen by you by putting them in a subscription with a duration, e.g., monthly, at the price decided by you. Videos can also be put in a schedule. Viewing the schedules is free, but you can monetise your content by inserting advertisement.
WimTV respects the content of its users by not placing any advertising on them.